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Solution of problems with CYPE programs due to the 1703 update of Windows 10

Microsoft has recently made the 1703 update of Windows 10 available to its users. This update is not yet downloaded automatically and it is the users who have to choose to download and install it, as it is still in its test phase. Therefore, Microsoft does not recommend it is installed unless it is done so by advanced users. Once Microsoft has completed its test and solved the problems that have been detected, the update will be offered automatically to users.

We have detected some CYPE programs have problems with the 1703 update of Windows 10 (still in its test phase), we recommend our users to not install the update until Microsoft launches its definitive version (which will be offered automatically to its users). Nonetheless, and as we know some CYPE program users have already installed the 1703 update of Windows 10, we have created the 2017.l version of CYPE programs, which solves these problems.

The update to the 2017.l version of CYPE programs can be carried out without any problem by all users of the 2017 version of our programs, regardless of the Windows version they have installed on their computers. Although the main reason for this update is that which has been explained already, we have also used the update to correct small occasional errors of our programs.

Compatibility of “Revit 2018” and CYPE programs

The plug-ins for Revit of the 2017.l version of CYPE: “Open BIM complement for Revit” and “Bill of quantities of Revit models” are compatible with the 2018 version of Revit.

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