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Download Area

The exclusive download areas for each CYPE program group: CYPETHERM Suite and CYPE (Structures, Building services and Management) can be accessed from the following sections.

Users can also view which programs each group contains (some of which are included in more than one) and obtain more information on them.

Download Manager

The download manager allows users to download CYPE programs in a quick and controlled manner in 2 steps (download and optional automatic installation), with the security of being able to resume an interrupted download. Follow the simple instructions to install the latest version of the CYPE programs.


  1. Download the file containing the latest version of the CYPE programs to a folder on the hard drive.

    You can download either the 64-bit version (for 64 bit operating systems) or the 32-bit version (which works on both 32 and 64 bit operating systems). More information at: Which version should you download?

  2. Run the downloaded ".exe" file.
    Please note: This is an executable file type which must not be decompressed, only run.

    After running the file, it is possible that the operating system will ask: "Do you want to allow the following program ("install_cype...exe") to make changes to this computer?" Answer yes.

  3. A quick process will start after which you will be asked to choose the language of installation.

    Next, it will ask where you want to download the program (with a default path).


  1. In the same panel decide if you want to install it automatically after the download (activated by default)
    • If you select the automatic installation box, the program will be downloaded and installed after the download process.
    • If you deselect the automatic installation box, the program will download and instruct you to run the installation whenever you want.

  2. In both of the two previous cases, when starting the installation, follow the instructions provided.


As of version 2022.e, the software suite "CYPETHERM Suite" can no longer be downloaded. The programs that were included in this suite in previous versions are now available in the complete software package that can be downloaded from the previous section on this web page. The majority of these programs are also available for download from the platform Store.

New features of the 2023 version (displayed per version)

New features of the 2023 version (displayed per program)

Previous versions

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