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New features and download of the 2016.h version


Optimisation of beam reinforcement exposed to seismic forces

The search process for reinforcement tables of beams exposed to seismic forces has been optimised, when the option to displace assembly reinforcement overlaps is activated.

Optimisation of beam reinforcement exposed to seismic forces


Bill of quantities of Revit models

Show element properties

A new option: Show properties, has been implemented which displays all the information of an element in a specific window to find information more easily.

The Show properties option appears in a contextual menu when the right mouse button is pressed over an Element or a Type from the Job item assignment and quantity extraction window.

Edit the link between a job unit and Revit, from a quantities table

A new option: Edit link between the job unit and Revit, has been implemented in a contextual menu which appears when the right mouse button is clicked on a quantities line in the Decomposition tree window. This option displays the element that corresponds to the selected quantity line in REVIT, helping users to locate it more easily.

Report templates

Report templates

“Proposal (offer proposal)” report for Colombia

This new report template displays the offer proposal and can be found in the “ZG Colombia” template types (File > Print > Print report)

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