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New features of the 2016.f version


Bill of quantities of Revit models

Revit groups

The Revit model which is read by Arquimedes contains all the information on Groups. This way all the information of the groups that have been created in Revit and their data can be viewed from Arquimedes. It is also possible to measure the groups.

Identification of elements depending on the room

It is possible to identify, depending on the “Room”, elements of the BIM model containing information of the “Room” in which they are included.

Not all the Revit elements contain “Room” information. This information usually corresponds to elements which are specific to the room containing them, such as doors, windows, furniture, bathroom fittings, etc. For example, when measuring doors or windows, users can indicate in the comments section of the quantities which room each measurement corresponds to using the “Comments” or “Comments 2” field. Doors and windows between rooms are not considered as being in one room but in two, and Revit provides the name of both rooms.

Keynotes with more than one associated job item code

If a Type exists in the Revit model which contains more than one code in its Keynote, Arquimedes reads each job item code and assigns it to the “Cype_CodMed” field, as long as the job item code in the bill of quantities of Arquimedes is linked to the Revit model.

The job item codes in the Revit keynote must be separated by one of the symbols shown in the table below:


Comma ,
Colon :
Semi-colon ;
Forward slash /
Backslash \
Vertical bar |


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