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Bill of quantities of Revit models

Status of the quantities in the job item assignment and quantity extraction process

To obtain the quantities of a job item from a Revit BIM model using the “Bill of quantities of Revit models” module of Arquimedes, the job item must be associated with a Revit entity or vice-versa. The Status of the quantities basically allows users to see which job items or entities of Revit still have to be assigned to be able to extract their quantities. This way, the status of the quantity extractions of the Revit model can be known.

To view these statuses, marks are placed on the icons of the job items, chapters and Revit entities (Types, Categories, Families and Materials). These marks and statuses can be seen in the “Job item assignment and quantity extraction” dialogue box.

The marks that can appear when working with the “Bill of quantities of Revit models” module and their meaning are as follows:


Arquimedes. Bill of quantities of Revit models. Status of the quantities in the job item assignment and quantity extraction process.

  • When job items are not assigned:

    • No asignar partida a la entidad de Revit - Do not assign the job item to the Revit entity
    • Por asignar a entidad de Revit - Pending assignment to the Revit entity

  • When job items are assigned:

    • Sin parámetros de medición - Without quantity parameters
    • Con parámetros, pero sin combinación de parámetros para la unidad de medida - With parameters, but without parameter combination for the measurement units
    • Combinación de parámetros disponibles - Parameter combination available
    • Combinación de parámetros predefinida - Predefined parameter combination
    • Verificada o validada - Verified or validated

General improvements

As well as the new features and improvements that are indicated explicitly in each CYPE software version update, these updates also include process optimisations which imply internal improvements of our programs. Systematic checks are carried out on all the programs in each revision, as well as changes which improve their operation. Therefore, we recommend all our users (in this case of the 2016 version) to always update their program version to the latest available version, regardless of the country CYPE software is being used for or the language in which the program is installed

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