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New features and download of the 2015.m version

New Arquimedes module

Bill of quantities of Revit models

The new Arquimedes module “Bill of quantities of Revit models” creates a direct connection between Arquimedes (CYPE) and Revit (AutoDesk) (2015 and later versions), and has been designed to obtain the quantities and generate the bill of quantities based on a Revit BIM model.

The module installs a CYPE plug-in in Revit. This allows users to work simultaneously in both programs (Arquimedes and Revit) or only in Arquimedes by importing the file generated by the CYPE complement in Revit, which contains the complete Revit model.

Its main features include:

  • Integration in the Revit workspace, simultaneous work with Revit and Arquimedes.
  • Complete reading of the Revit model information (Families, Categories, Types, Elements, system and user parameters, etc.).
  • Allows quantity measurements for elements, materials or rooms of the Revit model.
  • Several job items can be assigned to the same Type in Revit.
  • Several Revit jobs or projects can be linked to the same bill of quantities in Arquimedes using the BOQ consolidation module.
  • Quantities can be obtained in Arquimedes using an existing bill of quantities or by creating a new bill of quantities based on a BIM model.
  • Automatically assigns job items to elements of the BIM model using Keynotes.
  • Automatically detects the quantity units when assigning a job item to an element in the BIM model and allows users to change the combination of the dimensions used to obtain the quantities.
  • A controller identifies the Categories, Types and Elements that have changed following the extraction of the quantities and indicates, in the bill of quantities, the quantity lines obtained from the Revit model.
  • Different work methods are possible using the implemented tools.
  • Its versatility allows the module to work with different types of users; those who create the model in Revit and from it obtain a bill of quantities to use in Arquimedes, or for users who only create the model from which a file will be created to be exported, or users who will use the exported file from Revit, to then obtain the bill of quantities in Arquimedes by importing it.

Detailed information on the properties of this new Arquimedes module can be found on the Bill of quantities of Revit models webpage. More info link


Thermal analysis for France

The following updates have been implemented in the “Thermique” tab of CYPECAD MEP for France:

  • Version update of the analysis motor of the RT 2012 code: Coeur de calcul de la RT 2012, V7.1.112.6166
  • Version update of the XML file of the RT 2012 code: Fiche Standardisée RT 2012, 7000_V1.3

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