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Code implementation and improvements in its application

Code regarding loads on structures. Seismic loads

ABNT NBR 15421:2006 (Brazil)

Projeto de estruturas resistentes a sismos – Procedimento
This code was already implemented as of previous versions for CYPECAD and Metal 3D for the dynamic analysis method (modal spectral).
The 2014.h version includes in CYPECAD:

  • A static analysis method (equivalent lateral force)
    The analysis method selection (dynamic or static) is carried out using the Analysis method option within the dialogue box where the seismic load is defined.

  • Correction due to base shear
    This correction is applied to the seismic analysis using the dynamic analysis (spectral modal) method. To calculate the base shear with the ABNT NBR 15421:2006 code, CYPECAD offers two options for users to indicate the Fundamental period of the structure in two ways:

    • Based on the code
    • Specified by the user

More information on the correction due to base shear carried out by CYPECAD More info link.

More information on how the fundamental period of the structure is determined More info link.

Continuous beams

Maximum node width

The node width range has been increased to 1000cm (General data > Edit the geometry and loads of the selected frame > select the Node description button > select the node).


Continuous beams. Maximum node width



Air conditioning

Calculation and estimate of Mitsubishi Electric variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems

The 2014.h version of CYPECAD MEP, within its Air conditioning tab, includes the design and estimate of Mitsubishi Electric variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems (only for countries for which the Price generator is available). This way, the Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems are added to the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries VRF systems and DAIKIN VRV systems, which were implemented in previous versions (Installation > variable refrigerant flow systems > Select an element of the installation > include it in the library or edit it > Select the manufacturer).

Users can combine the three systems in the same job but in different installations. The program will apply the specific design criteria of the manufacturer that has been selected for each installation.


CYPECAD MEP. Air conditioning. Calculation and estimate of Mitsubishi Electric variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems


Novo Cypeterm (CYPECAD MEP for Portugal)

The 2014.h version of Novo Cypeterm includes the following report:

  • New report: “Desempenho energético”
    The energy classification of the building is described in this report. It contains detailed descriptions of the construction solutions chosen by the user for the thermal envelope and also indicated the energy class obtained in accordance with Despacho n.° 15793-J/2013.

    The report also indicates the CO2 emissions associated with the energy consumption of the dwellings, bearing in mind the primary energy conversion factors for CO2 emissions which are present in the Despacho n.° 15793-D/2013.

CYPECAD MEP. Novo Cypeterm. Desempenho energético CYPECAD MEP. Novo Cypeterm. Desempenho energético


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