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New features and download of the 2013.d version
(13th September 2012)


Code implementation

Concrete structures

SABS 0100 (South Africa)

South African Bureau of Standards. Code of practice. The structural use of concrete.

Code implemented in Metal 3D for the design of footings.

Rolled and welded steel structures

SANS 10162-1:2011 (South Africa)

South African National Standard. The structural use of steel. Part 1: Limit-states design of hot-rolled steelwork.

Code implemented in Metal 3D.

Loads on structures. Wind loads

CIRSOC 102-2005 (Argentina)

Reglamento Argentino de Acción del Viento sobre las Construcciones.

Code implemented in CYPECAD.

Improvements in code application

Loads on structures. Seismic loads

R-001 2011 (Dominican Republic)

Reglamento para el Análisis y Diseño Sísmico de Estructuras.

This code was already implemented as of previous versions for CYPECAD and Metal 3D for the dynamic analysis method (spectral modal).

The 2013.d version includes in CYPECAD:

  • A static analysis method (equivalent lateral force)
    The analysis method selection (dynamic or static) is carried out using the Analysis method option within the dialogue box where the seismic load is defined.

  • Correction due to base shear
    This correction is applied to the seismic analysis when this is done using the dynamic analysis (spectral modal). More information on this topic can be found in the Correction due to base shear for seismic design using dynamic analysis method section of the CYPECAD web site.


CYPECAD. Export to IFC. Steel sheeting and concrete layer of composite slabs (Allplan®) CYPECAD. Export to IFC. Steel sheeting and concrete layer of composite slabs (Allplan®)

Export of composite slabs to IFC format

As of the 2013.d version, when the program exports to IFC format (Industry Foundation Classes), the steel sheeting and concrete layer of composite slabs are also exported. These elements are not visible in the 3D view generated by CYPECAD but are exported to IFC format in three of the four available formats (IFC 2x3, Revit IFC 2x3, Allplan IFC 2x3).

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