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New features and download of the 2013.b version
(1st August 2012)


Code implementation and improvements in its application

Concrete structures

B.A.E.L. 91 (France). Detailed Ultimate Limit State check reports for concrete columns

Règles techniques de conception et de calcul des ouvrages et constructions en béton armé suivant la method des états limites.

This code was implemented in CYPE programs in the 2009.1.a version. The following new features have been implemented in the 2013.b version of CYPECAD:

  • Detailed Ultimate Limit State check reports for concrete columns in CYPECAD’s new column editor.
  • CYPECAD’s new column editor.
  • Automatic generation of column reinforcement tables.

More information on the detailed U.L.S. checks generated by CYPE programs, can be found in the Detailed ultimate limit state check reports page.

Code regarding loads on structures. Seismic loads

NEC-11 (Ecuador)

Norma ecuatoriana de la construcción. Capítulo 2.- Peligro sísmico y requisitos de diseño.

Implemented in CYPECAD and Metal 3D. In CYPECAD, users can choose to carry out a dynamic (spectral modal) or static (equivalent lateral force) analysis method. The base shear check is included in the dynamic analysis undertaken by CYPECAD.


Export to IFC format

As of the 2013.b version, the export to IFC format (Industry Foundation Classes) includes the forms of joist floor slabs and lattice reinforcement of reinforced joists. These elements are not visible in the 3D view generated by CYPECAD but are exported to IFC in any of the four available formats (IFC 2x3, Archicad IFC 2x3, Revit IFC 2x3, Allplan IFC 2x3).

CYPECAD. ArchicadCYPECAD. Revit CYPECAD. Allplan


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